Monday, July 15, 2019

The growth of alternative asset management into Crypto

Alternative Assets are growing strong.  Perhaps it is part of the reason why Bitcoin was so popular with investors.  The amount of places you can get good returns on your money are dwindling.  They are there – it’s just that they are changing.  Traditional markets may return enough just to stay ahead of inflation – but they also bear the risk of losing.  So in the long run, traditional investing is a net loss in the opinion of many investors.

There has been hesitation among traditional asset managers to add Crypto to their portfolio.  However,there are a growing number of Crypto only asset managers that offer Crypto friendly features like pseudo-anonymity, like AMFEIX.   Some will argue about the differences between these managers & funds vs. the traditional asset classes, but it’s not about a compare and contrast.  It’s about evolution.  Capitalism at its core is about evolution.

Capitalism knows no boundaries, it knows no countries, no loyalty.  It only knows that it has to evolve in order to survive.  Crypto is an interesting question because of the regulation involved.  Basically, being pseudo-anonymous is not always a good thing.  Because Crypto is unregulated (or to say differently, is not controlled by a government regulator) it provides the possibility for fraud.  Just have a look at what President Trump has to say about Crypto: