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How to trade the collapse of the Eurozone - Strangle the Euro - A way to trade the volatility of the situation in Europe - Currency ETFs - Time to Sell the Euro - Europe going back to the dark ages - SNB Watch - UUP: Dollar long term buy 2012 - PFG Customers get offers - Truth about PFG Best - Europe's crisis much deeper than currency - QE3 Competitive Devaluation - Currency Markets Continue to Baffle Traders - except the Yen


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QE3 and it's impact on your portfolio (No longer available - Contact Trader Kingdom for more information)

With the announcement of QE3 (quantitative easing), the Fed has for the first time officially stated a 'no limit' policy to new money creation. Also, they will not raise interest rates until at least 2015. As a result, many are expecting the value of the US Dollar to deteriorate significantly during that time.

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