Sunday, May 5, 2019

Cabify Go Jek and more on Pre IPO Swap

Pre IPO Swap 5/5/2019 – (New York, NY) — With Lyft, Uber, Pinterest and others going live, we’re now looking further down the line to companies that are still some time away.  Today we’ve added Cabify and Go Jek both non-US offerings in a similar space.  But when we say ‘similar’ it means exactly that – they are both in the same industry as Lyft and Uber but clearly different models and they are exclusively outside the US market.
Go-Jek was founded by Nadiem Makarim, a native Indonesian, who holds degrees from Brown University and Harvard Business School.  He worked at McKinsey and Co. consulting for three years before starting Go-Jek from a tiny call centre with only 20 ojek drivers, who later became recruiters. As a loyal ojek user, Nadiem discovered that ojek drivers spend most of their time waiting for customers, while customers waste time walking around looking for an available ojek. Go-Jek was built to solve this problem, by providing a platform where drivers and riders can connect efficiently and allowing those drivers to improve their income.
Cabify was founded in May 2011 by Juan de Antonio, a Spanish entrepreneurtelecommunications engineer, and graduate of Stanford University.[6] De Antonio was motivated to create a transportation network company after receiving negative market feedback (high upfront costs) when trying to introduce electric vehicles in European cities.
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