Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tradeview Forex FIFO Solution

As many of you are aware, this Friday July 31st, NFA Rule 2-43 becomes

effective for all US based FDM's and clients. Starting with Trade date

Monday August 3rd, all positions will be closed on a First In, First Out

(FIFO) basis. For those clients using IKON Platinum or IKON Viking

platforms there will be no change to your normal trading activity. For our

Meta Trader clients, however, there will be some changes you should be aware

and prepared for:


1. The FIFO roll process will begin everyday at 4:30 PM New York

(Eastern United States Time)

2. From 4:30 until 5:00 PM all Take Profit and Stop Loss orders will

be on a not held and contingent basis

3. Starting 4:30 PM any Take Profit or Stop Loss orders associated

with a FIFO matched position will be automatically cancelled.

4. Any Take Profit or Stop Loss orders on open (meaning not totally

closed positions) will be working.

5. It is your responsibility to verify all Filled/Working and

Open/Pending orders for accuracy


We are pleased to have created a solution that meets everyone's (clients and

regulators) requirements. We look forward to your feedback and thank you

for your support