Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forex Factory launches commercial forum, admits there were ‘flaws’ in old policy


Forex Factory has no affiliation with any product or service offered on the Commercial Forum, nor is an ensorement of any product or service being made. Please read the Forex Factory disclaimer.

Welcome to the beta version of the new Commercial Forum. This forum will contain threads that are dedicated to or started by commercial entities in the Forex industry.

If you've been a member of Forex Factory for a substantial amount of time you might be surprised to see a forum dedicated to commercial activity. For the past 5 years we've fought tooth-and-nail to keep commercial activity off the forums under the presumption that commercial agendas compromise the integrity of the forum discussions. In hindsight we believe this was the right policy, but it hasn't been without flaws. Often our strict policy forced us to do things that we didn't want to, such as banning long-standing valuable members because they started to offer commercial services. Some members were so valuable to the community that we allowed them to bend the rules, which only created more tension by setting up a double-standard. It's been long evident that a policy modification was needed to address these issues.

Earlier this year we came up with a plan for modifying the policies and member-structure to accommodate commercial operators. We haven't implemented the plan because we're busy with some big projects, and we still aren't ready to implement it. The Commercial Forum you are looking at is a temporary measure that resolves a few current issues; the rules, policies, and site changes for the Commercial Forum are still about 30-60 days from being announced. Our plan calls for creating two classes of membership, trader and commercial, then setting up separate forums and permissions that put up a one-way wall. Traders will be able to go into the commercial domain, but commercials will not interfere with the Traders' sections.

Because the Commercial Forum is a temporary measure, and the rules and procedures are not in place, there will be little clarity as to how we manage this forum and what the rules are. When we announce the new policy in 30-60 days the structure will be very clear. Please bear with us during this transitional period.

Fyi, it's not too late to influence our new policy! Please post your ideas here and they will definitely be taken into consideration!

EES responds:

The paradox is the following:


Those who are "Forex Professionals" meaning anyone whose primary income is from Forex (regardless if you are a broker, trader, programmer, or secretary of a Forex company) have in many cases more knowledge than non-professionals.  But professionals can basically only promote their own product, because it's what they feel is the best solution for Forex market. In other words, if someone asks a broker 'who is the best broker' he will probably say the company he works for, and what's wrong with that?  Limiting discussion to non-professionals ends up being without the knowledge of pros.  This should seem obvious but commercial products are seen as 'bad' where as amateur products are seen as 'real'.  This stigma should be stopped, and this commercial forum is a step in the right direction.  We can contribute our content including strategies for free to Forex Factory due to this significant change. 


Link to commercial forum: