Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FX Markets in stop hunting mode

* 23 Sep 09: 00:52 GMT (SGA) - FX NOW! USD/JPY, EUR/JPY Flows - USD back up as market in hunt for stops, above 91.00

Markets in "stoploss hunting mode" - with USD/JPY stops below 90.80-90, and EUR stops/options above 1.4825 taken out - now the reverse is happening. Sell USD earlier on stops, now market players are buying back USD on short-squeeze in lack of fresh news. USD/JPY up at 90.89-90, up from 90.47-50 lows, eye stoploss above 91.00, the level where huge US investment, funds sellers started the morning sales. EUR/USD stops below 1.4780/ 1.4750 now as market now after running into good offers ahead of 1.4850 barriers after charging to 1-year highs of 1.4840-43 from 1.4800-10. EUR/JPY at 134.45-50, off its lows of 134.10-13, eye test of 135.00 on short-squeeze in USD/JPY again. WL