Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EES Strategies Update – 8.24.2010

EES Strategies Update

EES has completed a modification of the DRS system, and has coded a new system, Tick Monster, soon to be officially released.

All referenced strategies are now available for customers who have access to Elite Meta Sync. Please sync up to get the latest strategies.

For questions about these updates, please use the EES FX forums at:


DRS – TM updates Changelog

Drs R 3.5

1. Modified lot multiplier for double orders to accept 0.1. Please take note that if set too low calculated lot size will be less than minimum allowed by broker in which case the minimum lot size allowed will be used.

2. added option to use autogrid value for takeprofit, autogrid must be on for setting to take effect

3. added "check spread" function which will check if spread is within limits before sending orders

4. added options to trade again after global profit or stop

5. added use_PercentAccountStart feature for calculating starting lot


1. Added pivot indicator filter - If ON EA will buy only above specified resistance line and will sell below support line

2. Added SMA indicator filter - If ON EA will only buy above SMA and only sell below. MA default type is simple moving average, 200 period but this can be changed at user input

3. Added "MovingAveragePlus" input parameter where user can define additional pips above/below MA to allow buy/sell orders. Set value to 0 to turn this feature off

Tick Monster V1.4

1. Fixed bug in pivots indicator filter