Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WSJ: Big Banks Face Fines on Role of Servicers

* 17 Feb 11: 02:45(SGA) - FX NOW! USD/CHF, USD/JPY Flows - WSJ: Big Banks Face Fines on Role of Servicers

USD/JPY finding some buying from Japanese mega-city banks, possibly importers and corporates, now at 83.55-60. USD/CHF at 0.9580-85, weighed by geopolitical M.E. concerns and EUR/CHF sales, now 1.3020-25. Some focus on US banks. WSJ: A review of mortgage-servicing practices by US regulators found serious problems with internal controls and staffing levels, likely to result in formal enforcement action against more than a dozen major financial institutions. The penalties against BoA., JP Morgan, Wells Fargo + 11 other home-loan servicers being investigated since last fall over breakdowns in procedures for payment collection, loan modifications and foreclosures could include fines and changes in how the companies operate. On FX, good to watch any impact on US banks stocks. Dow futures now -0.1%.USD/JPY offers ahead of 84 options. USD/CHF eye break of 0.9400, offers 0.9600-10. WL

* 17 Feb 11: 02:02(SGA) - FX NOW! GBP/USD, EUR/USD Flows - FT : Germany seeks deal on global imbalances/ G20

Some players are getting a touch bullish for EUR, AUD, GBP and bearish USD - some seeing a "break up" day for EUR, AUD, GBP today. More on G20: FT: The German govt expects G20 to agree on specific indicators to monitor the causes of global imbalances but does not see them setting quantifiable targets for individual countries, a senior unnamed German official said. A deal, which could be reached this weekend, would seek to reconcile the divergent views of the US, which has the world's largest trade deficit, with those of China and Germany, boasting two of the largest surpluses The German official said agreement was close on five indicators of the "causes of imbalances": c/a imbalances, real FX rates, public sector debt and deficits, currency reserves, and private sector savings rates. On FX, EUR/USD at 1.3595-97, offers 1.3600-20/ 50. Bids 1.3540-50. GBP/USD at 1.6108-10. offers 1.6130-50/ 1.6200. WL