Friday, September 9, 2011

CFTC Sues 11 More Forex Companies

The companies are sued under the 2008 Farm Bill, the Dodd-Frank Act and the CFTC’s regulations. The 11 new lawsuits join 14 previous ones, making the total number 25.
Some of the firms are based in the US, while others are from the British Virgin Islands, Belize, the UK, Australia and Cyprus. Here are their names:
  1. 1st Investment Management, LLC, a Wyoming LLC;
  2. City Credit Capital, (UK) Ltd., a United Kingdom company;
  3. Enfinium Pty Ltd., an Australian company;
  4. GBFX, LLC, a New York LLC;
  5. Gold & Bennett, LLC, a New York LLC;
  6. InterForex, Inc., a British Virgin Islands company;
  7. Lucid Financial, Inc., a Utah corporation;
  8. MF Financial, Ltd., a Belize company with offices in New York City;
  9. O.C.M. Online Capital Markets Limited, a British Virgin Islands company
  10. Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd. a Cyprus company; and
  11. Windsor Brokers, Ltd., a Cyprus company.