Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to work with mt4 brokers with non-standard symbol suffixes

Many MT4 traders have the problem that brokers will change the default symbols in MT4 (i.e. from EURUSD to EURUSD.usd)

We wanted to have some programmatic access to the symbol list, outside of manually right clicking on market watch window.

EES posed this question in here:

..and received an excellent resource:

This could be useful if a programmer wanted to automatically update the symbols he is trading, or for the development of multi-currency strategies.

Some brokers also may have multiple suffixes for the same pair, allowing for different order processing rules (or different spreads).  Some may even offer 2 EURUSD suffixes in the same account.

Having automated use of available symbols allows an EA to not be locked to trade only the symbol where the EA is attached.  For example if you have a multi-currency strategy that trades EUR/GBP every time a EUR/USD signal is generated, it would be possible using this method to automatically find EUR/GBP by searching for EURGBP in the symbols list.