Wednesday, July 30, 2014

EES announces Forex vendor package

Elite E Services (EES) announces the launch of a package for Forex vendors, ideally for those who sell their custom indicator or Expert Advisor.  The package includes a membership area, SEO compliant website, an affiliate system, and an API bridge linking the membership area to MQLLock, the world's best MQL locking system.  The package was developed in conjunction with Vector Informatics for the client site  It is ideal for Forex vendors that want to focus on their content and building their business, and not the nuances of managing a members site.  Marketing tools such as organic SEO combined with an affiliate system provide vendors the best use of their content and member area, and the tools to grow their business.  The package includes all elements needed, but for vendors who already have some of the components, items may be purchased individually.

Click here to learn more about the package or Contact EES today.