Saturday, September 12, 2015

EES: Get Forex Liquidity

Do you run a Forex strategy that does well, but doesn't create a lot of Volume?  Get Forex Liquidity!

The proposition

BROKERS!  Give this strategy for free to your clients to create volume!  Our volume license means you can distribute this strategy to all your clients without additional fee!

Introducing Brokers!  Use this system as a value add sales tool!  Drive sales by offering this system free to your customers!  Buy it once from Elite E Services and give it away to all your clients.  Watch your rebates add up as Liquidity trades all the pairs all the time!

BANKS! Run this system using limit orders and create your own retail liquidity!  Be liquidity makers, not liquidity takers!  Easily and automatically place thousands of limit orders on all the pairs you run.  Or run Liquidity on a house account to generate commissions internally.

Potential uses of this system:

  • As an overlay strategy
  • Create transactions to obfuscate your real strategy
  • Create transaction based volume
  • Soak up all your counterparties' liquidity by using market orders

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