Saturday, May 7, 2016

Elite E Services announces the release of US Trade Hardcover Splitting Pennies for sale online

Elite E Services is the publisher of the book “Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex.”  Forex is an electronic market, so there was no more appropriate market to sell the book than Kindle – an electronic marketplace for books and other content.  By the way, you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books – Amazon provides a free online reader.  Anyway, many readers ordered print books from Lulu.  The cost of printing a high quality book is high.  But the value of having a book on your bookshelf, holding in your hand, is invaluable.
So we’ve partnered with Ingram, the world’s largest book printer, to offer Splitting Pennies in print format.  Our most popular edition, the 6×9 US Trade hardcover, is now available for purchase via our online shop, and for bookstores, universities, corporations, and other institutions – volume discounts are available.
Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex is an Amazon Bestseller.  Now, Elite E Services is launching distribution of the best edition, 6×9 US Trade Hardcover!  Ask your bookstore for Splitting Pennies ISBN 9781329992351, retail price $34.98.  It’s available through Ingram – but you can buy it here too, at by clicking here.
To say ‘thank you’ to our corporate customers, we are offering a 35% discount for buying 10 or more Splitting Pennies – Hardcover edition.  Just use the coupon code manybooks16 when checking out.
All owners of Splitting Pennies receive Penny Splitter EA free for unlimited use!  Owners must register at
The Kindle edition of Splitting Pennies is only $6.11 – and you DON’T need a Kindle to read it, Amazon offers a free online reader just for registering an account.  But nothing feels better than a hardcover in your hand.  Take it to the park and sit on a bench and read.  Or have it in your hand when you walk into your next Forex business meeting.  Makes you look like a Forex genius!  And by reading Splitting Pennies – you will be a Forex genius!

Go ahead – and Please Order It !