Saturday, October 27, 2018

Bloc10 Launches Total Cryptos University

Bloc10 @ Atlanta, GA 10/27/2018 — Bloc10 today has launched Total Cryptos University offering multiple courses about Crypto Currency, Blockchain Technology, and Day Trading Crypto.  “We launched this program because there is a huge education factor in Crypto.” says Joseph Gelet, Chief Strategy Officer of Bloc10.  “Like with anything new, there is a lot to learn. Not everyone spent their last 10 years on Wall St. or in Finance School.  So we launched an online university.”
Courses come complete with actual products that can be used like trading signals, alerts, algorithmic trading systems ‘robots’ – books, software, and more.  The plan is to offer members new strategies each week and each month.  “We want to provide our members with the most value to maximize their trading potential.  So we are going to launch new products every week.” he says.
The course uses the practical ‘hands on’ learning approach which means that students are provided products to use and trade with, rather than a ‘textbook method’ used in Universities.  Practically, there aren’t Universities offering Blockchain or Crypto classes yet – but that will certainly change in the future.  For now, we have Total Cryptos University.  
Some snapshots of what you’ll learn inside the course:

Predator Arbitrage trading dashboard

Predator arbitrage dashboard

Traditional Macro Economic Analysis

Arbitrage vs. Traditional Trading

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