Monday, January 1, 2018

Overstock: The Perfect Stock Blockchain Play


TZero has been working on this technology for years - it is launching, not developing.
Few legitimate options for stocks that are deep into Blockchain technology.
Alternatives such as IBM are not as pure Blockchain plays as OSTK.
For those of you who are 'now' looking at Blockchain, see this article on Seeking Alpha we authored in March of 2016 urging investors to go long (OSTK) which we did, and profited nicely. Like the whole move with Bitcoin, it would have taken patience to sit and hold through the process, now almost 2 years. Things take time to build, develop, and grow. Now we're on the precipice of what we believe is the 'real' bull run for crypto, that being the regulated run. Until now, there hasn't been really a way to buy or invest in cryptocurrencies or businesses in a regulated way. Now there're futures on regulated exchanges, and the TZero ICO.