Saturday, January 27, 2018

tZERO ICO About To Make Overstock A Wall Street Favorite


tZero ICO is about to disrupt markets.
KODAKCoin perhaps the first large company launching a Crypto.
KODAKCoin will trade exclusively on tZERO's platform.
KODAKCoin itself is not important, what is important is this is the precedent for hundreds of other big corporate coins.
It's amazing how many rumors and trash talk can keep a genie in a bottle. But in the next 60 days, not Trump himself could stop this genie from coming out of's (NASDAQ:OSTK) bottle and when it does, it will make Crypto history. There's nothing new here, this story has been going on for some time - but we're now nearing the climax, the singularity. And it's happening now!
Recently, we authored an article talking about how Overstock is the perfect Blockchain play and we still believe it is.
But since our article things have changed for the better, and we want to focus on the tZERO ICO.

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