Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wall St. Prostitution Ring involves NY's wealthiest

After 17 people were busted yesterday for running a prostitution ring that catered mostly to Wall Street clients, word is that the Brooklyn DA is considering charging the "Johns," the clients who ordered the ladies, too.
So far, only 30 people total have been charged.
But everyone expects more people to be arrested, because basically, besides how the prostitution ring worked, all the Brooklyn DA (Charles Hynes) spoke about at a press conference covered by NBC is how this case involves some of "New York's "wealthiest," most "sophisticated" and "high class" people on Wall Street.
It seems like he's dying to tell us some of these names. In a press conference yesterday, he said:
"For people like that, money is irrelevant."
"Everything was about people who have unlimited money. Instead of paying $20 for cocaine, they were paying $170 for cocaine."
Those who used credit cards - many charging $10,000 per night - are at risk. So was it worth it?

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