Sunday, September 15, 2013

Americans choose Guardian UK over main stream media

The fastest growing "newspaper" in America is based in Manchester, England. The Internet analytics firm found that the number of visitors to the website of The Guardian grew by 1111.75% in August and an astounding 671,389.51% over the past year, signifying the desire for Americans to find real information about what's going on. 

The main word that people going to The Guardian were searching for was "Syria," according to Compete's blog. That would indicate Americans appreciate The Guardian's skepticism of President Obama's plans to attack Syria and its reputation for honest reporting. It also indicates that average Americans no longer trust their own media and are increasingly turning to a foreign news source. 

In polls previously reported by Anthony Gucciardi on Storyleak, it was found that the mainstream media has virtually lost all trust from the American people. 

It's no coincidence that The Guardian has seen such explosive growth over the past year. It was Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald who broke the story about the NSA documents Edward Snowden was leaking. The Guardian has been willing to print all the details of NSA surveillance and not bow to political pressure. 


Even though it's new to Americans, The Guardian is hardly a new newspaper. It has been around in one form or another since 1821. The Guardian is the third most popular daily in Great Britain with a circulation of 197,000 paper copies and nine million online readers. 

The interesting thing is that The Guardian is known as a fairly liberal newspaper in England, but it has a strong appeal to American conservatives and libertarians; probably because of its willingness to stand up for civil liberties and its opposition to surveillance. 

Another reason for the paper's popularity and independence is that The Guardian is owned by the Scott Trust. The Trust is a charitable foundation that allows The Guardian to operate at a loss. In other words, The Guardian is not part of the corporate media, and its purpose is to report the news not to enhance a corporate bottom line. 

Oddly enough, The Guardian has also become a major thorn in the side of President Obama. It has embarrassed him tremendously by exposing his administration's questionable activities. The paper was actually formed after authorities shut down another newspaper that supported radical reforms in 1821. The Guardian's online success shows how pathetic the American media has become. Hopefully, Jeff Bezos will be able to transform The Washington Post into something similar (but probably not).