Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This Windows based Utility is designed to simplfy your life as Trader or Developer. This tool contains many features inside such as Drag&Drop Installation, Terminal Launcher, Ticker, WatchDog to prevent crashes and much more.


Get ready for an ultimative all-in-one-tool which will simplify your life as Trader or MQL Developer. This tool is a contribution from our company to Trader community to speed up Metatrader related operations.


  • Compatible with MetaTrader4 All Builds
  • Compatible with all Windows versions from WinXP and up
  • Automatic Terminal Detection
  • Drag & Drop Installation of MQL related files
  • Drag & Drop Installation of MQL related files inside .zip files
  • All functions from our mt4ticker included
  • Free of charge FOREVER
  • WatchDog : Guard your terminals to avoid crashes or mistakely closed terminals (see below)
  • Always-On-Top Feature
  • Transparency Feature
  • 10+ Themes
  • Detect & Open most important Directories
  • Global Shortcut WIN+F11 to open terminal anywhere anytime
  • All settings will be saved automatically
  • Start / Stop Terminals, Start Metatrader directly from MT4BAR
  • Support of /portable mode
  • Alias support: Name your Terminal yourself, your own way
  • Systray support to keep this tool in background over long time
  • Demonstration & Full documentation provided
  • We will keep fixing all bugs
  • Automatic Update checks
  • Use 'Request Feature' function to request your ideas to implement
  • And many other small features


  • .NET Library 4.0 or above
  • Windows based system


We have designed this tool to speed up all your Metatrader related duties. We are using this tool since months ourself to optimise the process of trading or mql development. Use this tool to save your valuable time. You will love this tool after you get used to it. Learning curve is very low and can be learned within 10 minutes. We have tried to make everything as intuitive as possible.