Friday, January 8, 2021

Intelligence Analysis of US Coup - WOKE Revolution

 From Global Intel Hub -- 1/8/2021

What's going on in USA is a staged political operation financed by Oligarchs to overthrow the democratically elected Donald Trump, a populist nationalist, in order to install a military junta. The US has a history of doing this to hundreds of other countries most recently in Ukraine, Georgia, Chile, and many others - but it never happened domestically. When the US was in Afghanistan the military developed a program to fix elections, code name Operation Shadownet - it uses a combination of brute force hacking with planting news media stories to not only fix the results, delete evidence of the fix, but a PR campaign, psychological operations, to plant false narratives in the small brains of TV watchers. This is highly effective, and has been used in many countries other than Afghanistan. The project was sold to private business, and finally got in the hands of Dominion Voting Systems which was used to flip the vote from Trump to Biden. The goal of these provocateurs is Monopoly, they want to create a global business Monopoly, think Microsoft but 10x bigger for healthcare, government, food, entertainment, housing. This will be backed by a single 'one world currency' issued by central banks (not Bitcoin) - a digital US Dollar which is managed by a chip implant wallet, Microsoft patented this technology patent no. 60606. Strong countries like USA are a threat to Globalism and their plans so it had to be broken. A likely scenario if Biden gets in office is breakup of USA. We all know the election was fixed there is a firehose of evidence, however only the people support Trump. 90% of institutions, those with power, billionaires, universities, the media, large corporations part of this conspiracy like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc - the oligarchs - they all support Biden. Also, alarmingly, China needs to expand and is happy to play their part in the overthrow of USA and will get their seat at the table, along with juicy US assets they need like factories, real estate, and a green light to take Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other land. The future has never been more unclear, as all this happens the big flaw in their plan is that it's impossible to hide in plain sight, so millions of people around the world and in the US, smart people, of various kinds - are watching this. In my opinion, their plan will not work. The world is too complex now, and the Elite are running their operation based on the 18th century model created by the original Colonists, Rothschilds, etc. The Elite are dinosaurs that eat 10 tons of leaves a day - Brontosaurus. They will be extinct in our lifetime - as we know them. Like the Royals, they will always be around, but they won't be running the show, they will be reduced to their lux ghettos and avoid public exposure. The reaction to political events here in USA will be extreme, once Trump leaves office. In America we had traditions for such high level political crimes like treason - which most of the Congress is guilty of - tar and feather. We would douse the offender with hot oil and throw chicken feathers on them, and tie them to the water well in the village, passersby throw tomatoes or garbage on them for days. We'll see some modern version of that, as well a peasant uprising targeting the political and business Elites, who feel betrayed by the theft of the election. American politics is no longer Democrat vs. Republican they are now one and the same party. It's Globalism vs. Nationalism, or if you will the Have's vs. the Have nots, or as some have commented Communism (Collectivism) vs. Individualism, which is the story of modern history. 

Considering the fact that the US has backed many of these Color revolutions, and is the unofficial 'police' of the world, and manages the US Dollar which is the world reserve currency, having this scenario domestically raises many unknowns about the future.  If the coup plotters do seize power on the 20th, and roll out the logistics for the great reset (forced vaccinations, concentration camps, authoritarian lockdowns) it's not clear how the other half of the US population will respond.  What's clear is from the perspective of military strategy, dominating the US homeland is logistically impossible - rural areas are decentralized, well organized, well armed, and prepared.  They have been preparing for such a scenario for 4 years, some for 20 years.  Cities can be easily sealed and controlled, but that presents challenges too - what about a truckers protest?  When food and other supplies are not showing up in cities (mostly controlled by Democrat or pro-Globalist governments) then what?  

Once their hand is played and the population sees what this is really about, there will be a huge backlash and from many Democrats too (the people, not the Elite).  The majority of Democrats in fact are simply brainwashed and have no idea their party has been hijacked by Communists and Globalists to further a larger agenda.  Recent events have shown there is no difference between the parties, as Trump's "Republican" "Allies" like Lindsey Graham, tricky Mitch McConnell and even libertarian Rand Paul threw him under the bus when push came to shove.  This push back will lead to real civil war 2, with the only end game being a breakup of USA - which is a pleasant outcome for the Globalists, because 5 countries in ruins are easier to control than 1 strong USA.  Kosovo, Albania, Croatia and other countries were happy to leave the 'tyrannical' Yugoslavia run by pro-Slavic Josip Broz Tito, only to join a more tyrannical European Union, a superstate controlled by the European Elite including Rothschilds, EU Royals, billionaires, and would be dictators.  The history of the origins of America is relevant to current events as to the demographic of the population.  The Revolutionary War was a guerilla uprising, a grassroots rebellion against the tyranny and oppression (taxes, mostly) of the British Empire.  Ample land but mostly free spirit provided cannon fodder that led to a British defeat (and a little help from the French and Russians).  Our founding fathers can only be described as "Terrorists" by the British, who would hide in forests and take one shot every mile as the British marched to drums in fancy uniforms according to their military decorum.  It was this free spirit that broke the chains of the Empire, but in our short history we became the Empire, and our population has become lazy, complacent, fat, and stupid.  Like cancers that grow in the obese, powerful private interests have risen who influence current affairs more than ever before in history.  

But talking about it is one thing, or writing books about it is another.  Once these plans become implemented and are tangible, it will trigger the reaction.    

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